Buffalo Soldiers

Woods & Wanton Chapter, Inc. of Tampa Bay, Florida 9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association

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The Woods & Wanton Chapter, Inc. is the first registered chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers in the State of Florida. It was named after congressional medal of honor recipients, Sgt. Brent Woods and MSgt. George Wanton.


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"Buffalo Soldiers"

The soldiers fought in the Spanish American War, assisted with the expansion of the west, and contributed to the Indian War of the Great Plains. Native Americans were impressed with the courage and tenacity of these men and honored them with the name "Buffalo Soldiers".

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A Rich Heritage of Service to America

The purpose of the chapters in the association is to perperuate the memory of comrades who have passed on and the history of the many accomplishments of the Buffalo Soldiers regiments in the defense of this country.

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